Sheet music on steroids. Etude coming to the iPad

We predict that music creation and music learning applications are going to be huge on the iPad. Combine the tactile nature of multi-touch with the larger screen of the iPad and you have a winning platform for musical types. While we wait for Apple to commit to GarageBand for the iPad (oh please uncle Steve!), Wonder Warp Software have already confirmed that it plans to bring its four star rated iPhone app to the iPad.

You're not paid to churn paper, you're paid to use your brain

Just over 3 years ago we tuned into the first Apple iPhone commercial, famously remembered for the phrase "Hello"! During the 2010 Oscars the first iPad advert was played to an audience of celebrities and those watching from home. The first iPad commercial is markedly different to the first iPhone ad. In the iPhone advert, recycled clips from movie scenes are presented in brief rushes followed by the release date and a glimpse of the iPhone.

More recently Apple have added a certain clarity to iPhone adverts, less audacious perhaps, but certainly more mainstream and accessible. For the first iPad advert Apple is following its more recent trend of showing what the device can do. The advert is sharp, it shows a variety of apps on offer at the same time as giving a feeling of size. It gives out a relaxing vibe, showing the user with his feet up.

Looking back you can see a welcomed change in the way Apple is presenting its new innovative products. Clearly this new style is working. However, here at iPad Creative we still hanker after something a tad more epic, such as this original Macintosh advert... and no, it's not the advert you think it is. Enjoy!

In the meantime why not pick a wallpaper?

Just like you we are itching to get started with the iPad revolution, counting down the days and constantly reloading the iPad Creative homepage is only going to offer partial distraction. Why not while away the time by picking some decoration for SJ's newest creation? iPad-Wallpapers are amassing a rather nice collection of iPad desktop backgrounds. For obvious reasons (cast your eyes upward) our personal favourite is this old school Apple logo themed wallpaper. It's traditional with a funky edge!

Mass Effect 2 for the iPad?

As mighty as Apple's A4 chipset seems to be, the idea that a 1GHz processor/GPU combo has the graphical grunt to conjure up the super rich environments of Bioware's Mass Effect 2 seems pretty ridiculous, right? Wrong. OnLive, a brand new gaming concept that goes live on June 17 in the US hopes to break the cyclical nature of hardware upgrades by streaming the game environment from their servers directly to your screen.

In essence, the video display is being compressed at their end, sent down your broadband pipe and uncompressed on your TV, Mac or PC at 30 to 60 FPS even in HD. The only data going up the pipe are your game pad control instructions. This means that the hardware requirements for playing even the most intense games are reasonable. So far OnLive has been demonstrated on midrange laptops, a set top box and even a humble iPhone.

It's seems almost inevitable that OnLive will find its way onto the iPad. We'll come back to the concept of streamed gaming as the OnLive launch date approaches.

Can the iPad outsell the original iPhone in its first year?

Combined iPhone sales.


The original iPhone took roughly one year to hit the 10 million mark. It wasn't until Q4 of 2008 when the iPhone went international that sales really kicked into a higher orbit hitting 6.89 million in that one quarter alone. Now that we have the official launch date from Apple it's possible to start speculating how long it will take the iPad to hit that important 10 millionth sale.

There are good reasons to believe that the iPad will sell much quicker than the iPhone. First and foremost, unlike the iPhone there will be no lock-in to any one network carrier. Secondly, total cost of ownership is way lower, though not quite in the impulse buy category, at $499 (probably about £390) the iPad will tempt many potential laptop and netbook purchasers.

If the iPad developer community can create better than desktop class applications – much like Apple has with its own iWork applications – then the iPad could rapidly become all the home (or business) computer you need.

For the record, based on anecdotal evidence and a frustration with both Mac and PC computing environments, iPad Creative predict that the iPad will bolt past the 10 million mark in less than 10 months.

Explorable painting. A whole new category or just gaming without the fun?

Is it possible that the iPad could be the perfect breeding ground for a new kind of interactive media? Tale of Tale's The Graveyard could certainly be described as something other than a game. The developers call it an 'explorable painting'. See for yourself if The Graveyard lives up to this ambitious description by grabbing the new iPhone app. For a taster of how it might look on a larger more iPad like screen download the PC/Mac version. Because of the nature of this explorable painting this video should be considered as a spoiler of sorts.

The Graveyard from Tale of Tales on Vimeo.



iPad gaming shifts into top gear

EA's Need For Speed: Shift is one of our favourite iPhone games. With the extra grunt of the A4 chipset, the much larger form factor and higher resolution display, racing games seem like a natural fit for the iPad. We're quite certain the version of NFS: Shift being demo'd in the video below is the iPhone version, potentially the iPad version due later this year will look even more spiffy!

Waddle over and take a look at what Penguin Books plan for the iPad

Penguin Books the British book publishing subsidiary is celebrating its 75th anniversary during 2010. Penguin seem eager to push their publications onto the iPad. If this video demonstration is any indication it will probably pick up a brand new revenue stream soon enough. Check out the video below, it's worth watching in its entirety.

Wired magazine in iPad format

It's no surprise that the magazine industry is looking for ways to get their best content into a format that can take advantage of all that the iPad has to offer. In this demonstration Wired show what might be possible in a post iPad world.

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