You may have your iPad, but we have Doctor Who!

If like us you live outside North America what can you do to satisfy your iPad cravings. Obviously, we'll do our best to distract with all the latest and greatest iPad apps, and then there's that certain little iPhone OS 4 announcement on the 8th April that will give us plenty to mull over until the iPad UK launch. Here's another suggestion, why not prepare a small collection of HD films and TV shows ready to sync over to your brand new iPad on launch day. Here in the UK the new series of Doctor Who has just kicked off and Apple are offering a Series Pass in HD for £24.99. It should look splendid on the iPad screen.

Ocean Blue, a virtual diving experience with a twist

There is quite a number of virtual aquarium/diving experiences for iPhone OS devices, but Com2us' Ocean Blue for the iPad is unique. We can't wait to see the sumptuous 3D visuals for ourselves (come on Apple, where is that UK launch date?!), but if this video is any indicator, Ocean Blue seems to be in a league of its own. The big surprise is the ability to double the size of the virtual window by syncing a couple of iPad's together via Bluetooth. A great idea, that we hope to see replicated in other apps. Ocean Blue is available via the App Store for just £5.99

'Toy Story' Read-Along App for iPad

We believe that the iPad is for everyone, from grandchildren to grandparents and everyone in between. Sadly, some industry commentators aren't happy about this. The core of their disgust seems to centre around two separate issues. The first is Apple's 'walled garden' approach to application creation and distribution, and second is that the hardware is missing – what they consider to be – some key features. In a world were only Apple made computers, phones and tablet devices we might be inclined to take their rantings a little more seriously.

When you come across iPad apps like 'Toy Story' Read-Along from Disney Digital Books, a free interactive book for children, it's hard not to get excited by what the future holds for the iPad platform. Sure, this level of interaction and richness should be made available to all on open platforms via open web standards, but the truth is it's simply not possible yet. If a 'walled garden' is the only safe way to bring these kind of applications to their intended audience then surely it's a very good thing indeed?

We believe it is, and if the weekend sales estimates of 600,000 to 700,000 are correct, it would seem that a great many people agree.

Macworld add iPad Up Close first looks video

If you are without an iPad at the moment but keen to see what it looks like in real life under operation, Jason Snell of MacWorld gives us a brief tour around the iPad and a few of Apple's accessories in the video below.  In it Jason runs through a few of the apps too, including browsing with Safari, Marvel's comic reader, and Apple's own Keynote, Pages and Numbers. 

Overall, the iPad seems really snappy and responds instantly to a press of the Home button and launches apps extremely fast, all this seems great and we are currently biting our own arms here in the UK waiting for the official launch date to be announced.

Check out the video now!

Apple Changes Categorisation of Apps in iTunes for iPad

If you are running iTunes 9.1 on your Mac, have a look at your apps section.  Has it changed?  We have just noticed that our apps section when viewed as a grid is now split into three areas:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps (we are guessing these are 'Universal' apps
  • iPhone and iPod Touch apps (non-iPad apps?)
  • iPad apps (designed for the iPad only - if you have any downloaded)

This is interesting because it is really not clear which apps are iPad only or Universal in the App Store in our opinion.  Although this categorisation will only show on apps you have on your computer, it is at least a start to making sense of the (in our case) hundreds of apps kicking about on our hard drives for testing purposes, or just in case we need them some day.

Adobe Ideas 1.0 for iPad

Adobe have been a fundamental part of the Mac experience for most Creatives since the early 1990's. We're hoping that Adobe can bring a full creative suite to the iPad, but in the meantime, Ideas, Adobe's new vector sketch application will do very nicely thank you.

Behold! The era of the digital magazine

We love print. There is something about that high resolution type, that gloss laminated cover that makes it so hard to beat. But this is 2010, Jupiter is about to collapse into a star, we should be moving on from ink on wood pulp by now!

The web was a false start for magazine publishers, though reproduction and distribution costs become almost meaningless something was lost, that something was good design.

The iPad is here to save the publishing industry, or so the story goes. If the brand new Mag+ version of Popular Science magazine is any indicator, not only will it save the industry but it might just propel it into an entirely new orbit. Be sure to snag yourself a copy of the future, this is it folks!

Thanks to Matt from All About iPhone for the heads up.

First day with the iPad? What do you think?

If you are the owner of a shiny new iPad today we want to know what you think.

What are you happy about? Are there any nice surprises? Is there anything you are not loving at the moment? What apps are you using?

Whatever your thoughts we want to know. Just leave us a comment below.

Musicians - you need this on your iPad StudioTrack

In our series, 'Apps we cannot wait to see on the iPad' we picked Sonoma Wire Works' Four Track as our music creation favourite. Now the same company has announced their iPad version of this app called StudioTrack.

This app created especially for the iPad now allows the recording of 8 tracks instead of the four available on the iPhone (one of the features we were hoping for in our post).

Sonoma have made a number of other improvements too. See the video for a preview and get ready with your $39.99!

StudioTrack is available now in the App Store.

It's Flight Control HD with split screen multiplayer, do we really need to say anything else?

We want this because clearly life isn't stressful enough. Come on UK iPad launch date, where are you?!!!