Is this the Ultimate iPad Accessory for the Gigging Guitarist?

Wow - this thing blows us away! A full-on floor based Pedalboard with an iPad dock and a Free DSP app made especially for it by DigiTech. This monster is designed for live gigging when connected to your iPad and guitar amp/PA.

Set for a 'June 2011' release, although it is not out yet (more likely July now), the DigiTech iPB-10's main problem for some will be the price, at a SRP of $699.95 (we've seen it on pre-sale here in the UK for £522).


We know that these multi-effects units go for a lot of money, even without the iPad functionality and this looks like a very solid metal chassis unit including a chunky expression pedal. For a professional musician this might be affordable but we still feel that it is a lot of money. Combined with even the cheapest iPad you're looking at over $1000 of kit to place on the floor and then stamp all over with your hefty size 10's.

Well connected

We will let you read all the detail on the DigiTech website, suffice to say that the iPB-10 has plenty of connection options for live, studio and practice setups, check out the back panel below (select the image to see a large version). And that's not to mention the software involved on board and in the iPad app.

We want one - look at the Specs!

We are definitely drooling over the iPB-10 and the accompanying iPB-Nexus app and we would like nothing better than to get our hands (or boots) on one but we will just have to look at the pictures and dream.

Here's the specs:

  • Drag and drop pedalboard design
  • Arrange pedals in any order
  • Touch screen control
  • 87 pedals
  • 54 amps
  • 26 cabinets
  • Drag and drop footswitch assignment
  • Real-time view of pedal settings with direct access to pedal control
  • Up to 10 pedals, 1 amp, and 1 cabinet can be added to a setup
  • Unique setup assignable to each preset
  • Infinite number of presets, 100 footswitch accessible
  • Store, organize, and rate presets using My Tones library
  • Compatible with iPad2 and iPad

More details on the iPB-10 and the iPB-Nexus app (including a rundown of the pedals, amps and cabs modelled) can be found on the DigiTech website.

Win the Chance to be a real DJ with RGBSOUND

Last week we reviewed a new iPad audio app RGBSOUND and we thought it was great fun to play around and get creative with.

Now we have been sent the details of a competition by the app Developer Francesco Cricchio. The grand prize is a chance to DJ at one of the parties they are hosting around Europe, as well as plenty of copies of the app for your friends so you can have your own DJ party. 

Here is what Francesco had to say in his email:

RGBSOUND Music App Contest: upload your video on YouTube while you are playing your rhythm with RGBSOUND; insert in the title the tag "RGBSOUND Music App Contest", email us the link at rgbsound@gmail.com and participate to the contest. 
The first 10 classified, ranked based upon originality and musicality, will get 5 copies of RGBSOUND each to play together with friends.

The winner will have the occasion to play as DJ at one of our "RGBSOUND parties" organized around Europe.

Stay tuned and TAP YOUR SOUND!


Here's a video example:

So if you fancy being a real DJ for the night grab a copy of RGBSOUND for only 59p ($0.99) and get your videos up on YouTube.

This Week on iPad Creative - 13th to 19th June 2011

Here's what you may have missed this week on iPad Creative:

OscilloScoop - Carve Your Own Synth Sounds - Have you tried this novel soundmaker on your iPad? We think you should. Check out their video and our review.

OnLive to stream console quality games directly to your iPad - We are very excited about this one, cloud computing gaming on the iPad is coming!

Colour your iPad Tunes with RGBSOUND - With a UI that is strange but great fun and a novel take on the DJ app, RGBSOUND is well worth checking out for a change of pace.

8 Great Etsy Finds For Your iPad - We love Etsy and have to chain our credit cards down whenever we visit the craftiest site in the world. Here's some of the best iPad stuff we have recently found on Etsy, hopefully there's something in here for you.

'Kilgore Falls' by Robert Miller - A beautiful iPad painting in a beautiful setting plus a great video showing how Robert did it - be sure to check this one out. 

Song created entirely with GarageBand for iPad now available on iTunes - If you liked Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack don't miss this one.

Apple Highlights Apps for Art Lovers - See what Apple have put together for Art Lovers in the iOS App Store.

Apple Highlights Apps for Art Lovers

'Apps for Art Lovers', that's the title of a link we just spotted on the featured section of the App Store. There's some cool stuff in there, much of it for free.

Highlighting Gallery Exhibition apps, classic Artist portfolios, Photography Book apps, Art creation apps (like ArtRage) and other really cool stuff it is a nice little collection to browse through in a spare moment.

Now we're struggling to squeeze even more apps onto our already over capacity iPads. Check out the collection.

Song created entirely with GarageBand for iPad now available on iTunes

Mark of Msavwah has created a rather superb tribute to Daft Punk and Tron entitled 'End of Line' using nothing but GarageBand for the iPad. Isn't it amazing to think that using nothing more than an app that costs no more than a trip to the cinema it's possible to create and publish music on a commercial basis.

We have been in touch with Mark and look forward to sharing his thoughts with you later in the week. In the meantime why not show Mark your support and purchase his tribute song.

We have heard from quite a number of our readers who have used GarageBand to create part of a commercially available song, but we would love to hear from those of you who have followed in Mark's footsteps and released a track made entirely with GarageBand or other iOS app.

Further Reading: Jaw-dropping Daft Punk cover using the KORG iMS-20 app

'Kilgore Falls' by Robert Miller

Artist Robert Miller has been in contact to let us know about his latest iPad painting. We're impressed, not just by Robert's painting skills, but also by the way in which he documents the experience with video. Though it must take Robert many hours to bring the whole package together, the extra effort is certainly appreciated.

Fans of Robert's paintings will want to check out our interview and his other iPad paintings that we featured last month.

8 Great Etsy Finds For Your iPad

Every now and then we like to pass the time by doing a search on Etsy for iPad accessories. Try this yourself and you'll find a plethora of handmade creative solutions both for sitting your iPad on your desk and for cosseting it when you're more mobile.

So if you are looking for a special and unique gift for the iPad addict in your life (yes, you can include yourself, we do), then here are a few of the many handcrafted accessories that caught our attention recently. 

1 - Jabba the Hut Oak iPad Dock

This was our favourite to be honest, a one of a kind Star Wars figurine welded to a piece of solid wood to enhance any geek's desk. We love it, so be quick and grab it now!

Jabba iPad Dock

Jabba iPad dock back


2 - iPad Acoustic Dock in Maple

We liked this dock because as well as being clean and simple, it acts as a naturally amplified speaker for your iPad's audio - no plug-in, power sapping, accessories needed. There's also a smaller version available for your iPhone. Very nice.

IPad acoustic dock


3 - Retro TV iPad Dock

We happen to know that we are not the only Etsy browsing iPad lovers to spot this one recently, but we didn't want you to miss this one. It doesn't look terribly sturdy if we're honest, but the wooden retro design wins our hearts and this is often the duty our iPad performs when it is sat on our desks while we work.

TV iPad dock


4 - Leather Messenger Bag

We could have picked any of the Copper River bags and cases to recommend. They all feature the thickest leather and chunkiest stitching we have ever seen, backed up by a 100 year warranty. These things are built to last and be loved by generations.

We chose this one as it is specifically for iPad sized devices., but would be more than happy with any of the range, if anyone is reading this and fancies buying us something nice. Please...

Leather messenger bag


5 - Vindicated Vinyl iPad Case - Sgt. Pepper's

With cases made out of recovered vinyl records and album covers, brindakaydesign makes some of the most unique cases we have seen. It will cost you, but if you want something really special for the music lover in your life or just someone who loves the nostalgia, you can't do much better than one of these cases (she does bags, trays and belt buckles too).

A fleece lined internal leather pocket holds your iPad when mobile and there is also a stand arrangement built in (see the page for more photos):

SgtPepper iPad case


6 - iPad Messenger Satchel - Made by Grandad

We chose this one because it is actually something we would seriously consider ordering (as with the next pick). We have been on an endless search for a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, and something that can keep our iPad safe too when out and about or on holiday as carry-on bag.

IPad messenger bag

IPad Messenger bag open

This bag from UK based Etsy seller MadeByGrandad may be just the solution we have been looking for. With its inside padded and zippered iPad pocket, a number of iPhone and other accessory pockets, and central space big enough for a small DSLR in a padded wrap, this seems to fit the bill perfectly. If only it came in black, oh wait...


7 - iPad 2 Padded Case

These 100% wool made iPad cases from France look top notch quality, with three layers of protection, offering good internal padding too. We liked the range of colours available, the material used and attention to detail plus the external zippered pocket for cables, iPhone, etc.

IPad 2 cases


8 - Wolf iPad Felt Sleeve

This sleeve caught our eye because we thought it was weird, as well as fairly unique. There is an owl design too which also has scary eyes, plus a not so scary penguin or elephant for the more playful gift.

Designed to fit an iPad with a Smart Cover attached, these 100% wool felt sleeves also include a strap if required so you can use it as a messenger bag.

Wolf iPad sleevel


What have you found?

There are so many different bags, cases and docks available on Etsy, hand made by people all around the world, that it was quite difficult for us to select just these few to show you and we wish we had time and space to show all of them.

But what about you? Have you got any creative accessory finds for your iPad, or do you fancy one of ours? Let us know in the comments.

Colour your iPad Tunes with RGBSOUND

This is not a virtual instrument, this is not a drum machine or a sequencer: this is RGBSOUND!

So reads the description of new music app RGBSOUND (released today) for iPad and iPhone. The description goes on to say:

By tapping the colors you play sounds and you launch infinite electronic loops, by shaking the device you change your music pattern.

It is a lot of fun to play with, we think that's what the Developers were after. You can see it in action in the video below:

Hands on

Whilst playing with this app today we have been both delighted and annoyed/frustrated in equal measure with the sounds we've generated. This may be our own ineptitude, but as you'll see from the video, the app possesses what we would call a slightly cryptic user interface.


The overall sound is very 'House', with a healthy measure of Acid and Electronica thrown in and it is easy to very quickly create a cacophony of annoyance.

But as you spend more time with RGBSOUND and start to learn the interface, you begin to realise how much more you can do with it. After a while you can start achieving some unique sounding mixes (if you're careful) and the interface holds a few surprises too.

UI touches

Try for instance pressing the little squares found in the centre of the four screen edges! And don't forget about the clever use of the touch interface to adjust the speed, pitch and volume of the samples.

The UI also seems to be designed for projecting onto a wall in a club or at a party with the flashing sequence of blocks indicating the loop patterns being used but also providing some mesmerising visuals.

A welcome break

We are not sure that RGBSOUND will replace any of your main music creation apps in the long run, there are no custom sound imports or recording/export facilities for starters.

But, as experimental as RGBSOUND seems, it offers an interesting approach to user interaction and provides another creative tool for the iPad musician looking to break away from the usual suspects for a while.

We think it is worth checking out even if just to try something new for a while.

Great price

RGBSOUND is available now in the App Store for a very reasonable 59p ($0.99).

As always, if you try it yourself be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

OnLive to stream console quality games directly to your iPad

Regular readers will have noticed that we've been following the developments at OnLive since the start. The idea is simple enough, run the original game code on a large PC server farm, compress the display and sound information in realtime and push it down the internet to client software running on far less powerful machines. The only data going back up the pipe is the control instructions.

It's cloud computing taken to its natural limit, the entire output of one computing device streamed in realtime (in both directions) over the internet to another computing device.

OnLive has provided a very limited iPad app for quite some time, but it seems that the real deal is coming soon enough. We can't wait to try it! We've tested the Mac version for quite a while and even though we are separated from the OnLive game servers by the entire Atlantic ocean it's clear to us that this concept has massive potential.

Source: Touch Arcade

OscilloScoop - Carve Your Own Synth Sounds

Oscilloscoop icon

Over the last few weeks we have been playing with OscilloScoop, a sound maker app with an interesting game-like interface twist, here's the detail and a video to help you see why you should buy it.

Crafted Design

OscilloScoop was designed by Lukas Girling and developed by interactive artist and programmer Scott Snibbe (Gravilux, Bubble Harp and the upcoming Bjork album apps) along with game designer Graham McDermott.

Getting Creative

Although we don't imagine professional DJs will be using the app necessarily, as non-professionals we found the app a lot of fun to play with and we have lost many hours exploring and experimenting with the apps myriad adjustments.

Carving into the rotating cylinders feels really creative and organic, very much like shaping clay on a potter's wheel.

Just like pot throwing, you can completely reshape your creation and start again if you get carried away or make a complete mess.

Song Creation

OscilloScoop also has the advantage of being able to save your carefully moulded sound for instant recall later, meaning you could create songs or performance sets if you wish.

There is no Audio Copy & Paste, but we were able to use the iPhone version (it's a Universal app so this is included in the price) to record into GarageBand on the iPad via the iRig or AmpKit Link so that multi-layered soundscapes can be created.

We would have been happier to see more beats included in the purchase price (complete sets of 20 new beats can be had via in-app purchase) but a lot of clever design has gone into making this app deceptively simple to access and the Landscape mode is even better for fine control of your sound.

Recommended Purchase

If synthesizer sounds mixed with great beats are your thing, we would definitely recommend you try out OscilloScoop. It is currently available for $1.99 (£1.19) on the app store as a Universal app.

The app has been out for just over a month now so if you have tried it already let us know what you think about OscilloScoop in the comments.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the video demo from the Developers that made us buy it (be sure to note the Landscape mode later in the video, it will help you shape your sounds more accurately):