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Tue, October 13, 2015 at 10:29 PM
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First, a little clarification about the apparent demise of this website. It's still alive, just.

It's hard to get enthused about a product if the company that created that product doesn't appear to know what to do with it. The iPad has been a phenomenal success for Apple, but despite an encouraging start it seems to have become a device for consuming media other people have created rather than a device for creating things yourself. This is despite a huge number of third party applications focused entirely on creating quality content.

So what's problem, what's behind this stagnation of the iPad as a platform for creating content?

The Mac is a superb tool for creating content. For a while the iPad had some important advantages over Apple laptops. It was thinner, lighter, it had double the battery life and a screen with a pixel density that was impossible to find on any Apple laptop. That changed. In 2012 Apple launched the MacBook Pro with Retina display. It had an 5 mega pixel display, battery life that was double that of the previous generation of MacBooks yet it was almost as light and as thin as the MacBook Air.

In short, many of the features that made the iPad special came to the MacBook range. However, arguably, nothing that made the MacBook Pro special came to the iPad. There was no pixel precise input, no proper multi-tasking, no desktop class CPU and GPU and no large screen option.

That changed when Apple announced the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. With its refined multi-touch experience, desktop class performance and multi-tasking, the iPad Pro seems to be a tablet that is capable of running professional content creation applications that have thus far been limited to desktop class OS's such as Windows and OS X. The Microsoft Surface Pro, even the i3 based variant, is more than capable of providing a useful Photoshop experience, so why not the iPad Pro?

I've not felt this optimistic about the iPad since early 2013. I'm eager to see what readers of this site will create using this new machine. Personally, I'm most excited about the prospect of editing 4K video. I've been shooting video content in 4K since 2013. You can certainly edit 4K video on a Mac or PC laptop, but iMovie for iOS is extremely intuitive, and fast too! If it works as demonstrated, the iPad Pro will become my default video editing tool once again, something that hasn't been true since 2013.

Going forward, I intend to only write about the things get me excited. I'm hoping that the iPad Pro will provide suitable motivation to make weekly updates. 

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