Futulele: Amazingly Futile?
Tue, March 6, 2012 at 10:34 AM
iPad Creative

This one has us flip-flopping between loving and loathing, respect and ridicule, but there is no denying the idea is a creative use of iOS tech.

Futulele is “an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS” from amidio, the people who brought us other music creation apps such as Seline HD/Ultimate and OMGuitar, and some of the techniques from that guitar synth app have been brought over to Futulele.

As you’ll see from the video below, the Universal app is primarily designed so that the iPad acts as the Ukulele body, where you strum the strings, whilst the chords are played on an iPhone, also loaded with the Futulele app. Here’s what it looks and sounds like:

Custom case - help wanted

The two devices are connected via Bluetooth and, as you can see, amidio have created a prototype case to hold the two devices in the pseudo-Uke position.

But they want help to develop a production version of the case:

The iPad+iPhone ukulele case pictured in the video is a prototype. We are currently looking for manufacturers who are willing to produce Futulele cases, preferrably with embedded speakers. Please contact us if you have any ideas!

Futile or Amazing?

Like we said at the top of this post, Futulele has us in a quandry.

The guitar playing traditionalist in us wants to cry out “just buy a real Ukulele for £50 and learn to play it!” but the iPad and iPhone owning geeks within us are jumping up and down at the sheer joy of using devices we already own like a real instrument to create music.

What do you think? Is Futulele futile or an amazing innovation? Sound off in the comments.

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