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Create Magnetic Attractions With StickyGram

Yes we know Instagram (a love it or hate it iPhone app for sharing moments with other Instagram users as well as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr friends) doesn't have a native iPad app. But it is one of the few iPhone apps that we have used on our iPads from time to time.

Because the iPad's rear camera is such poor quality, tarting them up a bit with the Instagram app makes photos just about acceptable when viewed on a mobile device or printed at postcard size.

With that in mind, we recently tried out a service called StickyGram and we thought we would share the experience with you in case you want to try it our for yourself.

What is StickyGram?

Using photos from your Instagram stream, StickyGram will create a set of 9 magnetic backed prints. These little 50mm by 50mm magnets are perfect for gifts, sharing with friends or just sticking on your own fridge and telling a story.

We tried the service out with some of our recent favourites on Instagram and we were really happy with the results.

Great Price and Quality

A set of StickyGram magnets will set you back a reasonable $14.99 with free worldwide shipping. Ours arrived in just a few days, but we are in the UK (StickyGram is currently based in London). 

Colour matching was good, and the size of the prints is about the same as they appear on the iPhone's screen, so quality isn't too much of an issue.

None of the images were dead centre of the magnetic tile, which annoyed us a little bit, but that's really splitting hairs.

For their intended purpose, in our case keeping the kids artwork attached to the fridge, the Stickygram magnetic prints are more than fine and a lot of fun.

The kids loved them too and spent a good while sticking and unsticking them on our fridge and metal filing cabinet.

Overall, great service, a brilliant idea and a nice tactile way to experience our photographic creations in the real world.

Find out more and order your own StickyGrams.

Have you tried out the StickyGram service? What did you think?

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