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Tune-in Tuesday: New iOS Music Picks

Here's this week's trio of finds from the great pool of creativity at SoundCloud.

Don't forgot we have an iPad Creative SoundCloud group where you can submit your own tracks and/or listen to others' submissions.

Feel free to join the group and follow along with us as we discover more interesting sounds over the coming weeks.

After last week's special iPhone made Rock album from One Like Son, we're back to trance electronica for our first track:

Place of of Joy by Galaxyexplorer

A very gentle and purposefully uplifting Nano Studio track from Galaxyexplorer (a.k.a. Dennis from Germany).

Reborn (Original Song) by brandonmchamberland

Next up a much louder metal track from Brandon in Jackson, USA. With some great chunky moments this track was created in the brilliant AmpKit+ app which we love for the high gain distortion amp models it excels at.

Caledonia by electrocelte

Something a little different for you now. We've been exchanging tweets with electrocelte from Montréal in Quebec, Canada about his music and recording process. He plays his "Highland Bagpipe-driven electronic celtic music, dubbed "électrocelte"" via a Zoom H4n through an iRig into GarageBand on his iPad.

Obviously bagpipes are a very loud acoustic instrument so recording them has been an interesting challenge for him, but he is working on a whole album of these songs under probably our favourite band name of all time, 'Supersonic Tartan Death Machine', keep an eye out for the name!

This track is a unique cover of Dougie MacLean's 'Caledonia', open your mind and enjoy:

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