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The soul still Burns! Soul Calibur for iPad inbound

Soul Calibur, the Dreamcast classic that sporned several successful sequels across many different consoles will arrive on the iPad on January 19. It's so good to see another Dreamcast classic ported over to the iPad. As we've mentioned before, the iPad is just about the perfect device for Dreamcast ports:

"There are good reasons why Shenmue would find a perfect home on the iPad.

1) The iPad shares much of its graphics hardware design with the Dreamcast. PowerVR the chip design division behind the graphics technology of the Dreamcast is the very same division responsible for the staggeringly good 3D performance of the iPad 2.

2) Shenmue and its sequel were designed to be played in chapters, translating nicely to Apple's 'in app' purchasing mechanism.

3) One of Shenmue's central gameplay concepts was QTE (Quick Time Event). While this was a little clumsy using the Dreamcast controller, it would be a natural fit for the iPad's multi-touch display.

4) Though most played Shenmue for Dreamcast on a standard CRT Television, Shenmue was optimised for a VGA, 1024 x 768, 4:3 aspect ratio display, that's astonishingly close to the iPad's display."

Shenmue is the game that we're really after. Come on Sega, give Ryo Hazuki one more chance to avenge his father!

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Forget Shenmue! SEGA Please please please please please please bring out Phantasy Star Online to the iPad/iPhone!!! I would easily shell out for the monthly subscription, the devices themselves could easily run the game IMO and the controls are a perfect fit for the devices as well!


January 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWhisp

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