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iPad art in Animal Fun Zone HD

Animal Fun Zone HD from David Nilsen is a simple game for young children to assist them in learning the names of 25 animals. It's an elementary audio-visual matching game, but the bright and quirky hand-drawn animal illustrations make it a real treat.

You should know that David created all the animal illusrations in Brushes for the iPad.

We like to dig a little deeper here on iPad Creative, so we caught up with David to get his thoughts on the experience. Over to David...

“All the animals in Animal Fun Zone are painted from start to finish in Brushes for the iPad. I use Brushes because the UI is the most natural to me. It's so simple, yet so powerful. I am completely addicted to drawing on my iPad. I actually enjoy it more than drawing with a pencil. So I would doodle in Brushes until I had a bunch of animal paintings.

All the recordings of animal names were recorded in Beatmaker 2 and cleaned up in Logic Pro. I wish I could do the programming on my iPad, but that's not possible YET.

The game actually started out way more complex, but I scaled it down based on the reactions of my 18 month old son. I would let him play it, and a lot of times he wouldn't react to things the way I expected. For example, the first thing that he would do every time was touch the animal. So then I knew I had to make something happen whenever he touched an animal. After watching him clap and smile after the firework type effects came onto the screen, I knew that I was onto something!

The one thing that I don't like about the iPad workflow is that it is SO difficult for apps to share files with each other. I am hoping the iCloud service will start to change that, but why is it safe for apps to have access to the same files over the internet, but not on the same iPad?”

We can see a day when entire apps are constructed using only iPad apps. The pieces are falling into place and we are sure that developers like David will be true trailblazers.

App Store Link: Animal Fun Zone HD and Animal Fun Zone HD Lite

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