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Castlerama. A demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3 for iOS

Codenrama have been experimenting with Epic's UDK, the same tools used to create Epic Citadel and Infinity Blade. Like Epic Citadel, Castlerama is a demonstration app, not an actual game as such. Codenrama are looking to use the Unreal Engine to create a game, series of virtual tours, or both.

Castlerama is well worth a look. There's only a few minutes worth of entertainment on offer, but it's free and puts out an impressive frame rate on the iPad 2, complete with full screen anti-aliasing, which is always nice to see.

On the PC/Mac and consoles, the Unreal Engine has powered may classic games. We have no doubt that Unreal Engine for iOS will play a huge roll in the iPad gaming scene over the next few years.

App Store Link: Castlerama

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