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This Week on iPad Creative - 28th March to 2nd April 2011

This week's posts, all in on place, in case you missed anything:

iPad 2 HD video capture, is it good enough? - We ask the question, give our opinion and provide some of our own video samples for you to examine and judge for yourself.

The Cosmonaut: Could this be the Perfect iPad Stylus? - We take a look at this Kickstarter project for a new Stylus, plus some good comments have been added.

When the Smart Cover is Not Enough Marware Has You Covered - A quick look at an alternative to Apple's Smart Cover that includes protection for the back of your iPad 2, but we are a bit skeptical about colour choice!

Great Video of Smart Instruments in GarageBand for iPad - As the title suggests, a nice demo video, epecially worth watching if you are curious about Smart Instruments in GarageBand.

Already have a Smart Cover? Marware Microshell Covers Your Back - If you have a Smart Cover and you want to carry on using it, you might like these to cover the back of your iPad 2.

Real Racing 2 HD not looking so special on your new iPad 2? This might help - How to get RR2 HD running on your iPad 2 like it should. It is well worth it!

Can the iPad revolution continue throughout 2011? - One year on, we stick our necks out with some predictions for the iPad in the next 12 months.

A superb 40 minute GarageBand tutorial video - A useful and thorough look at GarageBand from butterscotch.com.

Getting Creative with iPad 2's Camera - An impressive way of using the limited still camera in iPad 2 for some creative results.

Fixiestudio For iPad Lets You Create Your Dream Hipster Bike - If you are into bikes then you will probably love playing with this free app and dreaming up your ideal hipster cycle.

Friday Fun: iPad 2 Hologram Setting Video - A bit of fun but actually something we would love to see for real, plus a very interesting look at how the video was made using 3D tracking.

Aurora soundtrack courtesy of the KORG iMS-20 app - A great timelapse video with an iPad created soundtrack.

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