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GarageBand: Teenage Dream

In recreating Katy Perry's infectious pop classic, Yuri Wong demonstrates the simple power of GarageBand for the iPad. Nice work Yuri! Here's a breakdown of the instruments used:

  • Hard Rock (Guitar)
  • Hip Hop Drum Machine
  • Fuel Cells (Keyboard)
  • Acoustic (Guitar)
  • Sync Lead (Keyboard)
  • Liverpool (Bass)
  • Chill Pad (Keyboard)
  • Supergroup Lead (Keyboard)

Though we are really excited about getting our hands on the iPad 2 hardware, we have to admit that GarageBand, which don't forget runs perfectly on the original iPad, is first becoming the true star of Steve Job's recent stage appearance.

We'll bring you more iPad GarageBand tunes as we find them.

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Reader Comments (1)

> runs perfectly on the original iPad

I would qualify that statement and say it runs OK on the original iPad. I've been running into a lot of optimizing dialog boxes which interrupts the flow of work in the app. The iPad 2 should be much better in this respect, at least based on recent reviews of the device's performance.

March 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMiguel Marcos

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