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Kiss the sky! iFourmance, an amazing iOS band perform Purple Haze and rewrite the rule book

We have seen some pretty amazing iOS music creations over the last few months, but Purple Haze by iFourmance is easily one of the best yet. Watch the entire track and then remind yourself that every instrument is in fact an iPhone running mostly Guitarist, Bassist or Organist by the legendary MooCowMusic.

Mark Terry of MooCowMusic was so 'blown away by this performance' that he had to fire up his copy of Guitarist just to check that is was indeed possible to play that riff.

´╗┐You can pick up an entire album of iFourmance tracks on iTunes. The full album even includes a couple of video performances.

´╗┐Congratulations to both MooCowMusic and iFourmance for pushing back the boundaries of iOS music creation. It's hard imagine where all this might end up in a few years from now. Who would have thought that multi-touch would have such a huge impact on music creation? Actually, we did.

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Unbelievably good.....

February 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZamzu

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