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Carmela Hogan - UK iPad Artist


Carmela Hogan is a UK artist who specialises in Digital paintings, including iPad created portraits. This video is one of her shorter ones, a painting of a well known TV personality in the UK, Keith Chegwin (more affectionately known as 'Cheggars').

Carmela's work was recently chosen to be featured at Macworld 2011 along with some other prominent iPad artists.

What is interesting about Carmela though is that she's offering a few paid-for iPad painting packages on her website. We're not sure how successful this has been, but we thought this may be of note to some of our readers, particularly as the question of how to sell and deliver iPad art came up in our Flickr Group forum a while back.

Be sure to check out the rest of Carmela's work on her YouTube channel, where there are some much longer videos, and you can see more of her iPad and other Digital artwork by visiting her site here.

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