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5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad

So you've browsed your favourite web sites, installed Real Racing 2 HD, got up to speed on your favourite social networks and messed around with Photo Booth - what's next? If you only ever use your new iPad for consuming content, you're missing out on some of the most satisfying aspects of the iPad experience - creating content.

Here we list 5 creative things you can do with your iPad along with links to help you to explore each area in more detail.

1. Create a song with GarageBand

The arrival of GarageBand for the iPad was quite a watershed moment. That Apple brought their best of class music creation Mac OS application to the iPad showed that they had bigger plans for the iPad than many a tech pundit had assumed. GarageBand is a marvellous piece of code, a true joy to use.

App Store Link: GarageBand

More about music creation with the iPad.

2. Paint a picture with ArtRage

More than any other creative iPad activity, finger painting has really fired the imagination of the general public. ArtRage simulates various types of media with astonishing accuracy. With a little bit of care and attention ArtRage is capable of art that is almost indestinguisable from actual physical art.

App Store Link: ArtRage

More about painting with the iPad.

3. Edit a video with iMovie

Apple recently upgraded iMovie with the ability to edit many different video formats. There's a good chance that the holiday video that you shot with your digital camera this summer will now play nicely with iMovie. We use iMovie almost everyday to edit both personal and iPad Creative videos. It's a pleasure to use, fast and capable.

App Store Link: iMovie

More about video creation and editing with the iPad

4. Edit your photos with SnapSeed

The iPad is a near perfect photo presentation device, but you might be surprised at just how useful it is for editing photos too. We've used and reviewed quite a number of photo editing and photo filter apps, but it's SnapSeed, with its power and simplicity, that we recommend to new iPad owners looking to explore the world of iPad photo editing.

App Store Link: SnapSeed

More about photo editing with the iPad

5. Learn how to play the guitar with WildChords

Turn the chore of learning guitar chords into a fun experience with WildChords. WildChords is one of the most impressive apps we've seen in 2011, as we said in our review, "Far from being the trudging, demotivating type of lesson that puts so many of us off learning to play an instrument, WildChords makes learning guitar fun and keeps you coming back for more."

App Store Link: WildChords

More about learning with the iPad

6. BONUS ACTIVITY: Add iPad Creative to your iPad home screen

Go to the iPad Creative home page by clicking on this link, once the home page is open tap the action button (a box with an arrow springing out of it located to the left of the address bar) and tap 'Add to Home Screen'. Now, inspiration is only 1 finger tap away!

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    iPad Creative - iPad Creative - 5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad
  • Response
    iPad Creative - iPad Creative - 5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad
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    iPad Creative - iPad Creative - 5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad
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Reader Comments (2)

IPadcreative has allready been on my iPad(s) homescreens for absolute ages:)
I think it iwas there very quickly after the site started.

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZamzu

Oh and snapseed is free today for the 12 days of Christmas in the iTunes store. Not sure if it is for all countries.
And happy new year to all of course!

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterZamzu

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