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SoundCloud Release HTML5 Widget that works on iPad 

After we complained on Twitter this morning about the hassle we had trying to get a SoundCloud embed working on the iPad (well Safari for iPad really), SoundCloud tweeted us straight back and basically said, "Wait til later today!", and they have delivered.

They have just gone live with the announcement of their new HTML5 Widget, it's now an extra tab on the 'Share' pop-up and it works great. If you are reading this on your iPad, check out the lovely HTML5 widgetyness below (sorry about the tune, I didn't have much to use). 

Expect lots more audio goodness from SoundCloud on your iPad now that this widget is finally live.

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Reader Comments (1)

Is it working fine with your iPad? Works nice on my laptop and iPhone, but on the iPad Mobile Safari is crashing all the time without loading the player.

November 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarcus Padrini

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