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Tune-in Tuesday - Made on an iPad

Since we started a SoundCloud group last week a number of tracks have been added from musicians who have created music on their iPads. The range of tracks is interesting, from experimental ambient instrumentals through pop/trance to vocal productions.

As regular readers will know, we love to celebrate the creativity of our readers and let you know about what others are creating with their iPads, so we have picked a few tracks and posted them below for you to hear.

A Regular Feature?

We're thinking about making this a regular thing, so if you like hearing what others are making with their iPads or have any ideas about what we can include, leave a comment and let us know.

This Week's Picks

So without further ado, here are this weeks picks from SoundCloud:

- The Wait by Jackfancy

It was a bit difficult picking just one track by Jack from Chengdu in China because he has a 14 track album on SoundCloud, all recorded using GarageBand on his iPad with vocals recorded via the iPad's built-in microphone.

He covers a few different styles in his album but we liked the feel and emotion of this one:

- UGLY by Indianstyle

Again, picking one track out of the twenty six tracks Indianstyle has on SoundCloud was a challenge. Most of them were created entirely in Nanostudio, with a few created in Beatmaker 2.

Much of his work has a futuristic soundtrack feel to it, almost Tron-like in its more atmospheric moments, which we love! We'll probably be coming back to Indianstyle in a future update, but here's one of our favourites for now, we especially like the way it picks up again after the middle break:

- Morning by qmartdes

Evgeny sent us a message to say that there are a lot of creative people in the Ukraine and he wanted let people know about it (as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Artist he also likes painting on his iPad too, here's his Flickr stream).

This track, created in Nanostudio (a popular choice on SoundCloud), uses every day sounds mixed with synths and different beats to create a lengthy but interesting mix. Listen with headphones and see what sounds you can make out.

Show Us Your Stuff

Are you making or recording sounds with your iPad? We would love to hear them and we may even share it here with your fellow iPad Creative readers (so please be aware that this might happen when you send us your tracks).

To add your tracks to the iPad Creative SoundCloud group from a computer you can click on the 'Send us your sounds' link over on the right of your screen.

If you are using one of the iOS apps with SoundCloud export built-in you can send your track to your SoundCloud account and then submit it to our group. Don't forget to join the group and see what else is there (we've just started but it will no doubt grow over time).

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