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Is This The Best Yet?

Since the introduction of the Keycase Folio iPad case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard there have been a number of similar cases released, but most of them have ZX Spectrum like rubber keyboards which are not great when you need to do a lot of typing.

A new case, funded by a Kickstarter project which has now hit its funding target, is due for release soon which may have a better solution.

The Adonit Writer's keyboard is different, it uses a 'scissor action' (we are guessing this means scissor-switch) keyboard which gives a much more positive feel to your typing and acts much more like a 'real' keyboard.

As with all of these in-the-case keyboards, the size of the keyboard is restricted to the width of the iPad itself, meaning smaller distances between the keys than you may be used to on your laptop or desktop keyboard, so it will not suit everyone.

You can pre-order the Adonit Writer now over at the Kickstarter page, with the minimum of an $89 pledge ($10 less than the final retail cost) to secure one of the silver keyboard versions plus $25 International shipping. If you want to be really fancy and a bit more unique, you can pledge $200 or more and get a special "Night" edition with black anodized keyboard and black suede interior.

The promotional video at the site will give you a better idea of what to expect.

We are curious to see how well this case and keyboard combo works so if you get to see one or even try one out, be sure to let us know.

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