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Gritty Photos from Jeff Bridges in Free iPad App

It was a pleasant surprise to find this free app featuring the photography of Jeff Bridges. Apart from being a very talented actor and appearing in two of our favourite geek films (Tron and Tron: Legacy), he is also an accomplished Photographer (as well as a Guitarist/Musician).

True Grit: Through the Lens of Jeff Bridges is a promotional iPad app for his latest film, a Cohen Brothers re-envisioning of the classic John Wayne Western True Grit, which is yet to be released here in the UK. 

We are given, for free, over 60 black and white photos taken with a Widelux camera, a unique film camera with a wide angle swing lens that rotates through 140 degrees, letting the light through a small slit which exposes the film as it moves across the negative.

Bridges describes his love of photography and the Widelux in an extract from his photography portfolio book Pictures, it is a heart warming read. The results from a Widelux can be a bit hit and miss (no manual focus control and dodgy viewfinder) but the True Grit app's panoramic, monochrome images, some of them quite beautiful, are an attractive way to record the event.

Some images are accompanied by handwritten notes by Bridges himself (the handwriting matches that found on his website so we are assuming this is true). We like that there is a mixture of 'character' shots of the actors with behind-the-scenes images showing some of the crew and off-camera moments during filming.

The app also has a stark, monochrome interface, which fits nicely with the black and white images. As far as promotional apps go, we like this one a lot. It is interesting to see an app like this produced exclusively for the iPad, no doubt because of the wonderful way that the iPad presents photos and enables casual browsing of a portfolio like this, book style. 

The True Grit app is a free download from the App Store and features a couple of video trailers (streamed to the app), so it is worth checking out. It would have been nice to see more video but you do get 60+ images in the app which look gorgeous on the iPad's screen.

It may not stay on your iPad for long after you have seen all of the photos, but we found it was a good demo app to show off the device and we are keeping it around for a bit longer.

Let us know if you have seen the True Grit app, and any thoughts you have about it, in the comments below.

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