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Friday Fun: First Ever iPad-only StudioTrack Made Song


Spanish band Jubilee (MySpace link with lots of Flash on the page) have made this very nice looking video to show how they recorded their song 'The Preacher' using just their iPads, the built-in microphone and recording-studio-in-a-box app StudioTrack from Sonoma Wire Works.

It is a lovely song and very impressive sounding given the way it was recorded, so we thought we would share it with you before we go off into the weekend.

We will be posting our thoughts on StudioTrack very soon so if you have used StudioTrack on your iPad and want to let us know what you thought, either email us using the link to the right of your screen or leave a comment below. We may even use your comment in the review when we post it next week.

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Reader Comments (1)

Until StudioTrack gets input monitoring and file import it will be crippled and half-baked. Also the on-board drum grooves as part of the metronome need to be dramatically expanded. There are about 2 of them now. That's absurd. Should be at least 50 basic patterns to justify the astronomical $40 for this app.

When they have StudioTrack functioning as it should have at launch, and include an appropriate feature set, it might be worth $40. As it stands now, it's a rip.

September 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaruuk

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