Friday Fun: The Sprocket Pocket
Fri, September 10, 2010 at 12:10 PM
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Two great passions of ours (well mine anyway) are Gadgets (obviously) and Cycling. If a third was embroidery then we would be making this our weekend project.

From the madly creative team at Maya Design, this idea was a 24 hour project for them just about the time that the iPad launched, so sorry if you have seen this before, but you should see it if you haven't already. It is great fun and shows a particularly creative use for the iPad.

Using their own app Maya Sprocket, the team designed this pocket to be worn initially on the rider's back so that particular signs were shown when the cyclist stops or turns left or right, or example.  All the signs can be customised with your own images too.

There is even the option to show a custom message when tapped, such as the "Back off Buddy!" message shown in the screenshot here. We imagine this could end up getting a bit more offensive in some hands though.

If you are on a bicycle made for two the back seat passenger has a built-in entertainment system, they show someone reading a book but imagine watching a video or (3G willing) checking Twitter as you provide the rear-engine leg power and let someone else do the steering.

Health and Safety concerns aside we loved this project and wanted to share it with you on this Friday lunchtime. Enjoy!

(The video starts just over 3 minutes in to show the Sprocket Pocket in action, but if you want the full detail of how to create this awesome jacket with iPad pocket sewn in, then please feel free to play the video from the beginning.)

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