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This week jailbreaking your iPad became ridiculously easy. Using an unpatched security hole in Safari, iPhone Dev Team offered JailbreakMe, a web portal that can jailbreak the iPad within minutes without the use of a host PC or Mac.

Those who choose to shrug off the Apple imposed restrictions by jailbreaking their iPad have access to applications such as Backgrounder (for multitasking) and Display Out (for VGA video out display mirroring). Aside from a handful of useful applications we can't think of many reasons for the average iPad owner to go down the jailbreak route. Having said that we can certainly see the attraction of tinkering with the iPad - pushing technology beyond its intended limit is part of geek culture and will remain so for many more years.

We would be interested to know your thoughts on the matter of jailbreaking. Please leave your opinion in a comment below.

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