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Copycat Cases?

A couple of days ago we mentioned the Keycase iPad Folio which has an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and basically turns your iPad into a mobile workstation. Yesterday quality iPad case maker Sena announced a very similiar product. Sena is calling theirs the Keyboard Folio Case.

Here are both cases:


Keycase iPad Folio (above)



Sena Keyboard Folio Case (above)

Quality and Similarities

As you would expect from Sena, their case seems to include superior build quality and craftmanship, the materials used by Sena look a lot nicer. If you look at the photos, Sena's case seems to have the iPad set back further from the keyboard and a different closing mechnism for the case.

Upon examining the specs for both cases though they are virtually the same though. In the screen captures below of the integrated keyboard there are slight differences in button layout/functions, but both are made from soft silicone and claim that they are "spill-proof".

keycase keyboard.jpg

Keycase iPad Folio (above)

Sena keyboard.png

Sena Keyboard Folio Case (above)


Sena are only taking pre-orders at the moment, with shipping dated for 7th October. Their case will cost you $129 (~£84) if you order now (normally $149), whilst the UK distributor for the Keycase version is showing that they are out of stock, with more arriving soon. The price of their version is £59.95 (~$92).

We are not seriously claiming that anyone is copying anyone else, but you cannot deny the similarities in design and keyboard layout between these two recently announced cases.

Any thoughts on which one you would go for?

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