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MURO. You'll be amazed what a webpage can do!

DeviantART's MURO painting and illustration app isn't like other apps. MURO belongs to some future time, a time when all apps are powered by web standards, residing in the Cloud, as it were.

MURO uses HMTL5 to power the 21 brushes and visual effects, the result is quite remarkable. We have played with plenty of Flash based painting web apps, but this is the first truly usable HTML5 based painting app. Yes, even on the iPad. It's not perfect, but it does clearly demonstrate how extremely close we are to producing seriously good works of art on the iPad using nothing more than a webpage.

To truly shine on the iPad MURO could do with taking ideas from some of the popular iPad painting apps available in the App Store, but it's early days for MURO, we expect it to grow in strength and flexibility month on month.

Will it replace the painting apps already available in the App Store? No. Is it one for the bookmarks folder or homescreen so you can dip in from time to time to see how things are progressing? Yes, certainly.

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