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Art in Motion, iPad performance art

Art in Motion is a 'painting' app in the same camp as Uzu, an app we featured a few weeks ago. In short, it's interactive art with superb multi-touch fun thrown in for good measure. It's quite difficult to place Art in Motion. It's clearly capable of some stunning visuals, but those visuals can only really be considered art when they are being played with, twisted and moved, meaning that sharing your art is going to be extremely limited. Some kind of motion capture and music synchronisation would go a long way to bulking up the appeal of Art in Motion. As it stands Art in Motion is best described as digital performance art.

What appealed to our geeky sensibilities was the huge variety of customisation options. The physics, colour, size, shape, glow and interactive properties of the orbs, the light beads that are at the heart of the experience, can be fine-tuned almost endlessly.

We spoke to Pavel, the developer of Art in Motion on the subject of the iPad, art and technology:

"The iPad is a landmark on the converging roads of art and technology for many reasons. It’s the first proper multi-touch device on the market, and it’s affordable. Multi-touch gives the user a whole new way of interacting with his canvas (whatever that may be), and computers in general. The powerful processor, and graphics card allow for new ideas of art to come to life. Its portability keeps the device from hindering your creativity.

As art has been evolving over time, it has become more and more abstract. I made Art in Motion because I love visual applications. When I first started I had no idea that I’d turn it into a tool for creating kinetic “paintings.”  It turns out you can be just as creative as you can with a paper and pencil! Since this is an application, I can continue to adapt this form of art with every update. I will introduce new properties that you can play with allowing even greater uniqueness and creativity. Very fun stuff!".

We could not agree more!

Further reading:

It's Jean Michel Jarre meets Yoda with a dash of Rolf Harris thrown in for good measure!

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