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Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort, a charming iPad game if ever there was

The iPad is already home to some quality games, but few have charm. Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad brings all the fun and craziness of the Aardman Animation classics to your iPad screen in style. The productions values are spot on, the voices, the music, the animation, it's all here and in spades!

Unlike Telltale Inc similar iPad app, Sam & Max Episode 1, The Last Resort is perfectly tuned for the A4 chipset. The frame rate though never stellar is mostly solid with some slow down during busy scenes.

The video above isn't from the iPad version but it does look very similar to this footage though with a smoother frame rate.

We recommend The Last Resort to just about everyone. Kids will love it, but there is plenty here for adults too. We don't need our Deduct-o-matic to know that you will love it!

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Reader Comments (2)

Cool! I've been waiting for a Wallace & Gromit game! Love the animation!

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFree ipad

Great game. I hope more game apps will be created for iPad.

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