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Draw on your iPad and anyone can see it on the web, in realtime!

WebPad by Ignition Soft Limited is quite special. The premise is simple. You drawn on the iPad screen using the extremely simple painting tools and every brushstroke is played back in realtime to a web address that is forever linked to your WebPad account. We tested WebPad this morning, here is our WebPad live painting page, it's works a treat.

Before we got started we put the word out on Twitter, within seconds we had an audience of probably upwards of 50 or so viewers, we even took a request to add a cat to the castle scene, so in essence it was a collaborative work. As Mark Webster suggested via Twitter, WebPad could be used for 'lunchtime requests'. This got us thinking about the future of realtime collaborative art on the iPad. We would love to see Ignition Soft add a basic Twitter client to WebPad, or perhaps add a simple instant messaging client of their own making.

We can see WebPad being using for a huge range of applications. For example, a designer could sketch out his initial project ideas to a client whilst in conversation via telephone.

Follow us on Twitter as we are planning to do some live sketching over the weekend so you can see for yourself how the web viewer works.

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