What makes an iPad diary special?
Thu, July 22, 2010 at 9:38 AM
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My Own Diary HD by Appmaker brings a fully featured personal diary to the iPad. The key ingredients are here, password protection, a selection of handwritten fonts and simple image insertion. What makes My Own Diary HD the current king of iPad diaries are the details. The beautiful interface, mood icons that can be applied to each entry and the ability to export a password protected PDF put My Own Diary HD in a different league.

To really complete the experience we would love to see Appmaker add a Facebook and Twitter update options, basic sketch tools, in-app Wikipedia browsing and some form of hyperlinking between entries.

Though none of us here at iPad Creative keep a day-to-day journal, just keeping Twitter updated is hard enough, we would certainly consider using My Own Diary HD as a travel dairy.

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