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And slowly the penny starts to drop

Just this last week it seems that the idea of the iPad as a device for creating content, something that we've been saying since the start, is slowly starting to sink in. Numerous reviews that were published in the run up to the worldwide launch last Friday cited painting and music creation as primary iPad activities alongside web browsing, book reading and gaming.

Robert Scoble recently published an article entitled, 'How the iPad is changing art and music'. Leading the article is a brief video interview (see above) with David Newman an artist who has taken to the iPad in a big way. David's art can be found on his personal Flickr page as well as on the iPad Creative, Art and Design Flickr group.

We would like to take this moment to thank David and the other 77 artists that have already added their artwork to the group. It is your skill and imagination that is slowly starting to turn the tide of thought.

If you are fortunate enough to be among the 2 million iPad owners but haven't yet used Apple's 'latest creation' to do something creative of your own what's holding you back? You have the device, you have the apps, you have the means to share your art, go for it! Oh, and while you're at it why not add iPad Creative as a permanent link to you iPad home screen. Or if you prefer a more social way of interacting with the team be sure to follow us on Twitter (@ipadcreative)

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