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Got an iPhone 3GS? You'll love the iPad

Okay, so perhaps you don't actually need an iPad, but honestly, once you've seen for yourself just how good your iPhone photos and videos look on that gorgeous IPS display you'll be dreaming of ways to fund your own an iPad, it's that good!

It's not rocket science, the iPhone 3GS captures photographs at resolutions that far exceed that of the iPad's display, hence even when your photographs are enlarged they still look sharp. Although the iPhone 3GS video capture resolution is less than the resolution of the iPad's display, the colour accuracy of the iPhone 3GS optics really come into their own, 3GS videos look vibrant and surprisingly sharp.

Where the iPad really shines is the style of playback.

When you decide to present a slideshow of all your favourite iPhone photos and videos the iPad takes everything in its stride and presents all the media in it's best possible format. For example, iPhone 3GS video captured is VGA, that's 640 x 480 pixels in a 4:3 format, the iPad display matches the 4:3 ratio of the iPhones video capture so it's a perfect fit! On the iPhone display you can either opt for black boarders on the left and right, or enlarge the video to fit the full width but sacrifice some pixels from the top and bottom. It works, but it not as pleasing as when viewed on the iPad. iPad hint: Do a reverse pinch to zoom in on any given part of your 3GS video full a closer look.

It's the little things...

Want to show a photo or video to someone sat opposite you? Simple, just flip the display and everything rotates to suit the new orientation. Worried that the sound on your iPhone video not being loud enough? Have no fear, even at full volume the iPad's twin speaker are surprisingly loud and clear.

In conclusion, if you have a large library of decent iPhone 3GS photos and videos, the iPad will allow you to share them with your friends and family in a quality and presentation style that was previously difficult to achieve. 

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