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iPad Cases Roundup - Slip Cases & Pouches

We continue our roundup at the various ways of carrying and protecting your iPad with a look at slip cases. We consider slip cases to be any type of case which lets you carry around the iPad, providing at least a bit of protection, and allows you quick access to your device when it is needed, so nothing that stays on the iPad permanently.

Again, there are quite a few of these type of cases around, so we were looking for something practical but with a unique or interesting design to differentiate it a bit.  We also wanted to avoid the multitude of wetsuit-like neoprene cases around, not that we have anything against them, it is just that they are so prolific and really fairly similar that we couldn't find any particular model we would recommend over the others.

So here are our top three slip cases for the iPad:


The Reader Sleeve

Although this $48 (~£34) hand made slip case by Byrd and Belle is also marketed as a Kindle case, the options do specifically mention the iPad size with a choice of Black or Brown leather, so we think it counts.  Which is a good thing as the Reader Sleeve is a very classy looking case made from 1/8" thick 100% wool felt, which we want very badly.

It does, admittedly, look like a big felt envelope, but we like the simplicity of that look, and the contrasting, hand dyed leather fastening strap with a snapper on the front complete the minimalist approach to this particular slip case.

The stud on the back and the fastener on the front have been positioned so that your precious will not be harmed in any way, and the polishing properties of the felt will give the screen a bit of a buff too.

Apart from the 1/8" thick felt though, there is a not a lot of evident padding, so we wouldn't recommend drop testing your iPad in this case, but if you have a taste for sheer simplicity and lovely design, we think you will love it.  Check out all the details here.

Proporta Maya II Pouch

This not-leather-but-very-much-like-it case has been in our possession for a few weeks now and we like it.  The material used is very close in feel and flexibility to very soft leather.  There is also a bit of protection in between the outer material and the inner, which is reassuring and feels like it can protect the iPad from the scuffs and scrapes that it would be subjected to when carried in a bag along with your other essentials that you carry around with you.

The inner lining is made from a very soft material that we have no worries about scratching the iPad when in transit.  The Maya II has three different stylings too, based on Pink, White and Black, with a contrasting pattern (including stitching) flashed across the bottom left corner on the front of the case.

Case-Mate The Express

This nylon flip case is basically a big envelope for the iPad (again) but we like it for its ease of use, strong, durable materials, and its simplicity again.  Whilst it may not seem like much, The Express uses low power magnets to keep the outside flap closed when you have your iPad in place, and that simple magnet closure has proved fairly practical for other types of cases we have used in the past, and it is also dead fast to access the device when you need to.  The ballistic nylon is easy to clean and water resistant too so it should offer further protection in that regard.

It is the accessibility of this case though that recommends it to us.  We can imagine doing some last minute checking on the showtimes for our film, then slinging the iPad into this case, snapping the flap closed and slinging it into our bag on the way out of the door.  That is a lot of slinging but The Express seems to offer a good amount of knock protection as well from the stiff outer panels that make up the 'envelope' case.

The Express retails for $34.99 (£29.99 on Amazon.co.uk pre-order), and there is a short video overview of the case below if you want to see more:


Honourable mention

We could not recommend this case as one of our three picks because it is still not released yet, and we are not sure when, or even if, it will be available, but we really want one and think it would be an excellent complement to the iPad.  What is this case you ask?  It is the drawCase from UK based company Draw Limited.

They are not necessarily a case manufacturing company, they are a 'product and graphic design studio, based in Cardiff, Wales.  But their website says:

The drawCase for iPad is the first of a range of cases to be launched by Draw. The idea for this range of products came about from the desire for highly functional and protective cases which were compact yet provide excellent impact resistance to handle the rigours of daily life.

drawCase_gallery.jpgWe think the metal construction with internal shock padding and unique 'cap' design is really interesting so we are looking forward to seeing it for real, we are on the mailing list at least, more details and a place to register your interest are on the site.

We know there are loads of these slip cases out there, and we have only mentioned three (or four) of them, so if you are using one and would like to let us know about your experiences with it, as always, let us know in the comments.

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Reader Comments (5)

I don't mean to be rude, but this is a lame idea. Midi files of the album tracks? cmon, learn a few chords and make your own music. Virtual recreations of analogue synths are everywhere nowadays and I'm sure many will end up on the iPad. But this dumbed down app idea, not cool.

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHari Seldon


Perhaps electronic music isn't your thing?

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJames

That draw case is pretty cool, I got my iPad Case (FlexiSkin) from BoxWave. It's been good to me. I wonder can I fit my case in that draw case?

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDanko


I spend most of my spare time making electronic music, I use Logic Studio on my Mac with several virtual synth plug ins and fx, in fact I'm looking forward to using some of the iPad music apps including electribe and others.

The article was referring to an idea for an app, where no talent seemed to be required, this seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

May 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHari Seldon


Perhaps I should have worded the article more carefully. It would be a synth app, the whole 'play along' with Oxygene via a Smule style keyboard would just be a small part of the experience.

Thanks for commenting - even if it was as part of the wrong article. ^_^

May 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJames

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