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iPad Case Roundup On Its Way (And Why You Need It)

With the UK launch of the iPad only 5 days away, we thought it would be a good time to start looking at the options out there for new iPad owners when it comes to protecting their £400+ investement.  The rest of the world has the added benefit of the user testing provided by our US friends on the iPad, its software, and accessories, over the last month. We get to see some real world experience with these things before we buy.

Why you need this roundup

Following the first flush of excitement after the iPad’s launch a few weeks ago, the realisation soon set in for many iPad owners that it is an expensive piece of kit, and that the more they use their iPads, the more valuable it becomes to them and naturally they want to protect their investment.

Added to that is the ‘book-like’ nature of holding the device and what to do with it when taking it on the train, bus, or when sat at a cafe trying not to show off (“Yes, it is an iPad.  Ok you can touch it, but only once!”).  Also there is the natural desire to use the iPad as a standalone viewer for various media, whether that is photos or artwork as a slideshow, for video or animation viewing (e.g. Netflix, ABC).

It is with these needs and necessary uses in mind that we decided to have a look at the state of play as far as iPad cases, bags and skins, especially as the iPad makes its way into consumers’ hands outside of the US this week.

One is never enough

There are actually a surprising number of bags, cases and other type of protection for the iPad already on the market, and it has very quickly become a daunting task trying to consolidate the list down to a reasonable size.  It is also clear that, for many people and iPad usage scenarios, one type of case is not enough. Different cases may be necessary for different situations.

So we have decided to put our case roundup into five categories, and we will be listing our top three products in each category.  Hopefully you will find something of use amongst these products we have discovered, and if you are really cash strapped after forking out on the iPad in the first place, we will even throw in a way to make your own iPad case.

Tune in tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, to see our iPad case roundup, beginning with Portfolio cases.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for something we really have to include, let us know in the comments.

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