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Corkulous - Organise Creative Ideas visually

When you have a creative idea that you want to capture, it is usually essential (for us anyway) that you capture at least the essence of it there and then. In days gone by, writing it down with a traditional pen/pencil and paper was reassuringly tangible, if very analogue. But it was not long before that piece of paper was lost amongst the tens, maybe hundreds, of other scraps of paper we have in our 'filing' system, unless we pinned it onto our little office cork board that everyone had hanging on the wall.

We have fond memories of the Stickies desktop app on our Macs (in fact it is still included with the latest Apple OS). Stickies would let us quickly record all those little thoughts, ideas, and 'to-do' things on different coloured digital versions of the sticky notes, posted all over our computer desktop. Whether we actually did anything with those scraps of information or not is another matter, but it was great to be able to capture these thoughts and arrange them.

Enabling us to do this digitally on our 'take everywhere', larger screened portable device seems to be the goal of a number of developers, and there have been a few 'corkboard' apps released since the iPad launched, so the idea is not necessarily new to be honest, but Appigo seem to have created a lovely looking app in Corkulous, which is a little bit more than just a stickies creator.

Appigo call Corkulous 'an ideas board' app and say that they have 'many awesome features planned', but their first release is fairly impressive and looks like a nice way to capture creative ideas before they vanish. Cork boards can be added to group ideas together, and you can even embed one cork board into another. You can also add Labels, Photos, Contacts from the iPad address book and even Tasks, all from a gorgeous roll out filing cabinet drawer interface.

From their site:

Corkulous follows the metaphor of a cork board where users can arrange notes, labels, tasks, contacts, and photos to visualize ideas. Related ideas can be easily placed together and aligned using automatic guides which help to snap items into place. Also supported in the app are multiple boards. As ideas grow, users can create new boards and group related ideas in separate virtual spaces.

At the moment the app is focussed on individual use but Appigo are planning to introduce more collaborative features in the future for sharing ideas, which we think can benefit designers, artists, photographers and other creatives who are working with others.

The video below demonstrates these features very nicely so check it out. Corkulous has introductory pricing of $2.99 (£1.79) with free upgrades to the added functionality promised. It looks like a lot of thought and careful design has gone into this app and we think this may well find a place in our creative planning process in the future.

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Reader Comments (2)

This app looks perfect for me. Lists of plain text just don't get me motivated enough, this might though!

April 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJames

Can the Corkulous app be used to create collages for a focus group setting? Click on the link below to see one research guys' opinion.

March 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGreg H

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