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Friday Fun: Material Girl iPad Cover

This is probably the cutest song we have seen played entirely on the iPad so far. Madonna's Material Girl is covered here by Finnish acapella 'girl band' Viisi (meaning Five in Finnish - not to be confused with 90's British boy band Five).

The music, of course, is played exclusively on their iPads. It looks quite impromptu and makes for a bit of viewing fun on a Friday.  Interestingly, there were a few apps used here by Viisi that we didn't know about iBone XL (a Trombone sim) being the main one that we hadn't come across before.

The other apps used are... actually, for a bit of fun, we'll let you work that out for yourself. There is a place where you can find out the apps used, let us know in the comments if you can identify any of them.

Viisi have also posted a much more polished song played on the iPad which really shows off their vocal talents too called "Aikaisintaan sunnuntaina" ('The Earliest Sunday' - according to Google Translate), a track which appears on Viisi's eponymous album.  You can see the video for that one below.


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