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BlackBerry PlayBook - a first look at web browsing performance

We were quite stunned by the performance of the PlayBook as demonstrated by Matthew from the web browser group at RIM, but not in a good way.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, the PlayBook is packing some state of the art hardware. The dual core Cortex A9 processor alone should give the PlayBook a huge speed advantage over the iPad when rendering web pages, this just doesn't seem to be the case.

Watch the video again, but this time mute the volume. Watch closely for the actual completion of page rendering on the PlayBook, you'll notice that it completes on average 2 seconds before the iPad. Not quite the speed demon that Matthew would like as to believe. In other tests the PlayBook is shown to render Flash and HMTL 5 content in a more complete and speedy fashion. We can't argue with the results, the PlayBook does indeed appear to be way more useful for those looking to access Flash content or HTML 5 based web sites and services.

Nice, but what will the PlayBook actually be up against?

The biggest problem with Matthew's PlayBook video is that it's clearly a case of vapourware verses hardware, a preproduction unit verses hardware that shipped about 8 months ago. The PlayBook's main competition will most likely be the iPad 2 not this current model.

Although iPad Creative is focused on Apple's 'magical' tablet we are eager to see what the competition can do with a similar form factor and for a comparable price. A few years from now we imagine that tablet computing will be the predominant class of computers in homes and business alike. Will BlackBerry be a part of this next wave of computing? It's hard to tell, but by the end of next year we should have a clear indication of who the main players will be.

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