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"Picasso or Van Gogh would have snapped one up"

As we have already mentioned, renowned artist David Hockney has recently been exhibited his iPhone and iPad artwork in Paris. As an innovator David perfers to display his art on the same digital canvas used to create it. BBC Click recently caught up with David to speak to him about the exhibition and the pleasure of creating art on the iPad. The full article, which includes video for those viewing from the UK, is well worth a read. This soundbite really caught our attention:

"You can make a drawing of the sunrise at 6am and send it out to people by 7am."

For perhaps the first time ever, the iPad, certainly in its 3G incarnation, allows the artist to create natural looking artwork with all the properties of the analog world, and share them instantaneously thanks to its citizenship in the digital world. It's a watershed moment for all who care to partake. As David so astutely puts it. "Picasso or Van Gogh would have snapped one up". We could not agree more!

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