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iBookend, the end of all books

Dominic Wilcox is one of the most creative people on the planet. Just take a moment to read through some of his magnificent ideas during his recent Speed Creating project to witness his creative vigor. We love the way Dominic takes everyday objects and repurposes them in interesting and often entertaining new ways.

About the time of the iPad launch, Dominic said:

"Hopefully the people who make the software apps will come up with something that turns the iPad from a delightful luxury item into an essential piece of equipment. Maybe one day we will look back and think ‘what exactly did we do before the iPad?’ or maybe we’ll think ‘Well, it made a stylish bookend’."

iBookend is Dominic's concept 'for the end of books'. We love it and can't wait to see what Dominic does with the iPad next.

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