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Thu, October 14, 2010 at 10:00 AM
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Forge of Neon 3D (love the name by the way) is a fairly simple looking glow drawing app with a few nice touches thrown in.

The app starts with just a black screen and dragging your finger down the screen will draw out a simple line, which seems quite unremarkable. But the next thing you should do is tap the screen once to bring up the menu, and here you will find a few options which give you a lot of control over how your next drawing strokes will affect the image.

The menu allows you to change the:

The 3D Bit

The app allows you to rotate the shape in 3D space by using three-finger multi-touch, and using two fingers on the screen allows left/right rotation and zooming in and out. We found this function of the app to be especially responsive and it gives you a good feeling of control using these multi-touch gestures.

The animation setting is interesting and ranges from a gentle pulsating effect to a full on flashing monstrosity. It is a bit hard to explain what the animations look like but they can be quite restful to watch, especially if you combine several colours together.

When it does all get a bit messy you can clear the screen from the menu, or if you get something you like then you can save the image to your iPad's Photo library.

The only problem we had with the app is the ads. They are shown immediately in a strip across the top of the screen, and change so often it is really distracting. We very quickly took the option of the in-app purchase ($0.99/59p), so perhaps it is a good strategy after all.

The best way to see what the app can do is to try it out! It is a free download so there is nothing to lose, and we think it is great fun for Adults and Children alike.

If you try Forge of Neon 3D let us know what you think in the comments.

Here are a few quick screengrabs from a couple of minutes experimenting with the app (we have cropped them a bit, mostly to remove the ads).

Experimenting with shapesNeon Jellyfish

Zoomed in on the detail

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